• High end super soft mohair

    The fleece of the Angora goat, Mohair dates back thousands of years to the Tibetan Himalayas, from where the Angora originated.


    South African Mohair is one of the world’s most exclusive natural fibers, with two centuries of refinement by the South African Mohair industry behind it.

  • Hand crafted by local women from Alicedale, South Afica

    There is an inordinate amount of hand work necessary in the production of our Mohair Throws and Cushions. We have trained and employ 16 local women who have no other means to generate an income due to the remoteness of the village.


    The women are often the only bread winner in the family. By creating employment opportunities for them we are contribute to poverty alleviation in South Africa.

  • Fair trade

    We believe that people are our biggest asset and encourage all our staff members to develop their true potential by offering them further training.


    Abafazi also abides by the standards set by the International Labour Organization and adheres to Fair Trade practices.

  • No animal harm

    We  use only natural, pure South African Mohair and Merino Wool of the finest quality, and employ ecologically sensitive production processes that do not harm the environment or the animals.

  • Pure and natural raw materials

    Angora goats are shorn twice a year and are not harmed in any way during the process. In the pursuit of perfection, the fleece has been refined through consistently high breeding standards and meticulous generic selection.


    Angora goats thrive in the Karoo, with its combination of hot, dry summers, and cold winters and semi-desert vegetatio

  • Eco sensitive production methods

    Abafazi  was highlighted at the Trend Forecasting Forum for using natural fibers from a renewable resource, for using ecological sensitive production methods and for working in a socially responsible manner.